Operations and Administration


The Political Head of the Board is the Chairman, appointed on Part-time basis. The Executive Secretary is the Administrative Head, mandated to carry out the day – to – day administration of the affairs of the Board in accordance with the Provision of the Law. There are Seven (7) Directorates headed by Directors who report directly to the Executive Secretary for ease of operational activities and hence optimal corporate service delivery. The seven (7) Directorates are as listed hereunder:

  • Disease Control and Immunization;
  • Health Promotion and Nutrition;
  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning;
  • Logistic Management and Quality Control;
  • Administration and Supplies;
  • Finance and Accounts; and
  • Health Planning, Research and Statistics.

There exists Local Government Health Authority in each of the LGAs of the State which are under the supervision of the Board. The Authority is expected to have a Part-time Chairman while the Medical of Health/Primary Health Care Coordinator (MoH/PHCC) is the Administrative Head and the Secretary of the Authority. Each of the LGHAs has its Ward Health Committee with its Part-time Chairman and the Officer-in Charge (OIC) as the Administrative Head and the Secretary.